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Intellivisit provides decision support tools that create more informed patient/provider encounters and better outcomes.

Asynchronous Virtual Care Optimizes the Experience

Patients and Providers can now interact without a scheduled appointment to streamline the delivery of care.

Enter Symptoms

Simply answer a few questions on your phone and avoid the inconvenience of sitting in waiting rooms.

Answer Questions

Our smart AI process tailors questions in real-time according to how you describe your symptoms.

Receive Guidance

Teamed with our clinical partners, we diagnose your symptoms and help you determine the best course of action.

Artificial Intelligence - Instructed by Physicians

Our decision support technologies connect over 220 million data points, painstakingly curated for accuracy by physicians, to assist providers in making informed decisions on patient diagnoses.

lab images & tests
hours of physician-reviewed data
available to patients of all ages

Submit Your Visit from Anywhere

Whether you are at home or in the office, you can download the Intellivisit app and submit your medical interview to a local provider – no video required.

Start by entering up to three symptoms, and then answer the AI-generated questions. If you receive a prescription as a part of your treatment, it can be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. And remember, you will only be charged if you end up getting treated through the app!

Manage Your Care Queue

Patient cases are received by providers in the online Care Queue. Just a few nurse practitioners or physicians with extra capacity can handle hundreds of incoming cases.

Providers can treat patients with minor illness, and route patients that require more testing to the appropriate point of care. Our AI curates a list of potential diagnoses, each with a diagnostic differential, for each patient. Save time and money by switching to asynchronous - no more video calls!

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