Decision Support on a Whole New Level

We deliver a platform of core technologies that leverage dynamic, symptom-specific inputs from patients and cutting-edge machine learning systems to create decision support and recommendations for clinicians and caregivers.

Accuracy is Our Imperative

Our medical web graph has been shown to have 95% concordance with physician triage acuity based on the Emergency Severity Index. Our medical interview moves from broad scope to an increasingly narrow list as it refines the final output of potential diagnoses.

Big Data

Our decision-support matrix contains more than 200M data points

Expert Knowledge

The data has been painstakingly curated by physicians

Critical Feedback

Refinement continues through inputs from encounters

EHR Integration

Further information is garnered from provider EHRs

A Structure is Only as Good as its Foundation

Artifical Intelligence in healthcare has become a hot topic, but an AI system is only as good as the underlying data that drives it. Our AI draws from more than 200 millions points of patient data, structured and curated over a period of more than 37,000 physician hours to analyze connections and causalities.

data points
lab images & tests
hours of physician reviewed data

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