Intellivisit Artificial Intelligence

The Medical Interview Just Got an Overhaul

Our proprietary AI takes patient intake and triage to a new level, narrowing in on key information for an accurate diagnosis.

AI + Humans Virtual Care

Our medical web graph has been shown to have 95% concordance with physician triage acuity based on the Emergency Severity Index. Our medical interview can narrow in on a list of diagnoses to provide a broader scope of potential diagnosis.

Data-Mined Knowledge

Intellivisit's AI engine has been loaded with millions of years of patient data.

Expert Knowledge

Teams of physicians assisted in the data infrastructure.

Feedback Loops & Inductive Learning

The AI continues to learn from patient inputs, diagnoses, and treatments.

Refined with EHR data

Our AI can pull additional patient data from your EHR platform for more accurate diagnoses.

Show me the Data

AI in healthcare has become a hot topic, but your AI system is only as good as its data. That's why our AI draws from more than 10 million years of in patient data, structured and curated by more than 37,000 physician hours to analyze connections and causalities.

data points
lab images & tests
hours of physician reviewed data

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